How we make Extravirgin Olive Oil

Production Process


It all begins, obviously, in the fields: the olive tree is a plant that requires attention 365 days a year.

Pruning, tilling, fertilizing, and irrigation are jobs that keep us busy throughout the year and are done manually. Thanks to the constant monitoring of our agronomist, we maintain the utmost respect for both the plants and the environment that surrounds us. Everything guarantees an abundance of healthy, natural, and organic olive oil.
The quality of the oil is closely linked to the quality of the olives, and therefore, to the attention we put on production (harvest, fertilization, pruning, protection, and irrigation) and processing (from the first steps of milling to each of the following steps that lead to the final product).





Irrigation is a fundamental part of obtaining a good product.


Our irrigation system covers the entirety of our land and helps the plants to survive during a water shortage or drought, which they especially suffer from in the height of summer. Irrigation ensures that both the plant and the fruit don’t suffer from stress. This is essential for obtaining the best final product.









The Leccino olive cultivar matures typically around mid-October, and other varieties follow in the months after.


The numerous olive harvesting methods are divided into two categories: manual and mechanical.

After the harvest, the olives are transported to the processing facility. But before milling, which occurs within 24 hours by mechanical processing, they are washed to eliminate anything that would diminish the quality of the oil. Some of the most important steps in the process are grinding, malaxing, and extraction.







Malaxing follows the grinding (or crushing) phase. Before being pressed for extraction, the paste is malaxed, or extensively churned to create the ideal chemical and physical conditions for extraction.

The pulp and pits are mixed to reduce the volume and to separate the vegetable water from the oil, subsequently breaking the emulsion of water and oil created during crushing.

In this phase as well, we pay careful attention to the temperature, which must be low but not for extended periods. Cold extraction prevents the oil from contact with air and light for too long, and also maintains a good yield from extraction.











Extraction or pressing

In rotating oil machines, the extraction process occurs through centrifugation and by keeping the temperature under control. Doing so facilitates the speed of production, shortening the necessary time of processing and storing the olives.

Thanks to this process of extraction, it is possible to obtain a product of the highest quality, without changing its composition and eventual sensory characteristics.

Additionally, the oil stands out for its antioxidant properties that derive from the high content of polyphenols.








We store the oil in stainless steel tanks in a modern and well-maintained facility.

Preservation of the oil guarantees that its characteristics remain unaltered over time. It’s important to avoid contact with its greatest enemies: light and oxygen.

Our process is unique because we do not filter our oil. Even if done naturally, with absorbent cotton, filtering nonetheless alters the ability of the oil to be preserved for more time.

By decanting, we prevent the residues that have collected on the bottom to come in contact with the oil.

Following these steps from the fields to storage with passion and tradition, we can produce a high-quality.










Bottling and Shipping

Even these final steps are carefully managed in person, guaranteeing that our products are safely shipped. We use Bartolini express courier to deliver within 24 hours in all of Italy (except islands) and in a few more days for overseas shipping.

We also provide, on request, the shipping code to track your olive oil as it travels to you.

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